'It's loads of fun!!'

- Rajvi Motla; Age - 10 years

‘I’ve been a student of Mrs. Dalal since over six years and I’m always inspired by the spirit with which she approaches her subject. I’ve learnt a lot more than dance and hope to continue learning.’

-Dr. Shradhdha Shah

'I've learnt everything about dancing from Ila Dalal, it has built my confidence and helped shape my personality. I've been a student here since the past eight years and would love to keep learning for many more years!'

-Esha Thakkar, Student

'It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed it thoroughly!'

-Aamatullah Rajkotwala; Age - 10 years

'I like dancing because Mrs Dalal makes it fun...'

- Kareena; Age - 10 years

'I love coming here for dance practice, because I have learnt many different styles of dance.'

- Lujanam; Age - 10 years

'I love dancing because Ms Dalal brings out my talent and makes dancing a wonderful experience.'

- Ferangiz; Age - 10 years

'Dancing is great fun because it makes you happy. Doing it in a group makes it more fun because it becomes a great teamwork.'

- Priyanka; Age - 11 years

'Dancing is fun because of Mrs Dalal; she is a great dancer!'

- Miti Shah; Age - Nine and half years

'Learning dance from Mrs. Dalal is a fun experience!'

- Maahika; Age: 11 years

'Doing dance with Mrs Dalal is lot of fun!'

-Khushi Parekh; Age - 9 years

'Dancing is my passion.. dancing in a group makes it extremely fun!'

-Shloka; Age - 10 years

'Mrs Dalal makes dancing fun!'

- Ritika; Age - Eleven and half years

'Dancing is enjoyable! With Mrs Dalal's teachings, it becomes even more fun!'

- Jennifer; Age - 12 years